Jacqueline Adams: A Legacy of Leadership and Community Empowerment in DeKalb

Introduction to Jacqueline Adams Meet Jacqueline Adams, your candidate for District 7 Commissioner—a leader who embodies the spirit of community and action. With a diverse background as a mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, and community organizer, Jacqueline is dedicated to enriching our county through compassionate, informed leadership.
Professional and Community Engagement Jacqueline has spearheaded numerous community initiatives, from combating food deserts to leading international missions. As CEO of Adams Enterprise and a key player in numerous non-profit activities, she brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the role of Commissioner. Her commitment extends beyond professional achievements; she’s a tireless advocate for veterans, seniors, and the underprivileged, ensuring that their voices are heard and addressed.
Vision and Commitment As District 7’s next Commissioner, Jacqueline pledges to foster economic development, enhance local services, and improve the quality of life for all residents. Her campaign is rooted in transparency, action, and a deep love for the community. Vote for Jacqueline Adams—a vote for integrity, innovation, and inclusiveness. Join her in making District 7 a thriving, vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.
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Building a Better Community

  • Married for 38 years, with six children, one godson, 11 grandchildren, and seven god-grandchildren.
  • A proud member of the Congressional Black Caucus for the Fourth Congressional District represented by Congressman Hank Johnson.
  • Owner of DRRLL, Inc., mentoring youths in Discipline, Respect, Responsibility, Leadership, and Love.
  • DeKalb Commissioners’ community advocate for change, Red T-Shirt Awareness for DeKalb County Commissioners.
  • Involved in feeding the hungry and clothing drives at Restoration in Christ International Ministries, Inc.
  • Church choir director.
  • Administrative Assistant for Atlanta Journal Constitution.
  • Member of DeKalb County Democratic Party.
  • Proud member of DeKalb Section (NCNW) National Council of Negro Women chaired by Dr. Lois Keith.
  • Aids veterans in service connections.
  • Degree in Criminal Justice and Human Services.
  • Master cosmetologist and salon owner for 40 years.
  • Co-CEO and lead lady of Restoration in Christ International Ministries, Inc.
  • Executive Secretary for local and international organizations.
  • Co-owner of AHA Services, a home security service.