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What Inspires Jacqueline to Do This?

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Jacqueline with group of people at the Kensington Marta Station
Jaqueline Adams talking with a constituent.
The most successful and promising candidate.

Jacqueline Adams emerges as the most successful and promising candidate for the role of DeKalb County Commissioner, driven by a comprehensive campaign plan focused on rebuilding, uniting, and navigating the county towards a brighter future.

With a commitment to restoring DeKalb’s reputation, addressing financial deficits, and reducing crime levels, Jacqueline aims to create a safer and more positive environment for our diverse community. Are you in? 

Discover Jacqueline's Vision and the Key Priorities She Will Champion as Your County Commissioner:

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Rebuilding DeKalb's Reputation

Recognizing the importance of restoring faith and trust within our community, my comprehensive plan focuses on addressing key issues that have impacted DeKalb County's reputation in recent years. To achieve this, I will implement robust strategies to tackle concerns related to crime, financial stability, and transparency. By working collaboratively with law enforcement agencies, local businesses, and community organizations, we aim to reduce crime rates, instill a sense of safety, and enhance the overall well-being of our residents. Additionally, my commitment to fiscal responsibility involves addressing the financial deficit, ensuring transparent budgeting practices, and fostering economic initiatives that contribute to the county's prosperity. Through open communication, proactive measures, and a dedication to accountability, the Rebuilding DeKalb's Reputation initiative aims to usher in a new era of trust, unity, and pride in our beloved community.

Uniting Diverse Regions of DeKalb

DeKalb County is a mosaic of vibrant communities, each with its unique identity and strengths. My vision is to bridge the gaps between the North and South regions, fostering a sense of unity and common purpose. Through collaborative efforts, community engagement, and initiatives that celebrate our diversity, we will build stronger connections among residents. By highlighting the shared values that bind us together, I aim to create an inclusive environment where every voice is heard, and every resident feels an integral part of a unified DeKalb County. Together, we can overcome challenges, celebrate our differences, and build a cohesive community that thrives on the strength of its diversity. The Uniting DeKalb's Diverse Regions initiative is a pledge to cultivate a sense of togetherness, ensuring that our county flourishes as one harmonious and supportive community.

Navigating Towards a Prosperous Future

This aspect of my campaign is rooted in a forward-thinking approach that seeks to guide our county towards sustained growth and success. As your Commissioner, I am committed to navigating through the challenges that hinder progress, particularly focusing on youth development, education, and creating opportunities for a flourishing community. By investing in our youth through educational programs, mentorship initiatives, and skills development, we aim to reduce dropout rates and empower the next generation. Additionally, my focus on education improvement aligns with a broader vision of creating a thriving community that values learning and innovation. Through strategic planning, collaboration with educational institutions, and a dedication to youth empowerment, the Navigating DeKalb to a Prosperous Future initiative is designed to steer our county towards a brighter tomorrow, ensuring opportunities and success for all residents.

Jacqueline’s Journey: Connecting with the Community

Empower DeKalb’s Future

Thank you for your generous support! Your contribution to our campaign is an investment in our community’s safety, prosperity, and unity. Together, we are rebuilding the reputation of DeKalb County, uniting our community, and navigating towards a better future. Are you in?  

Your donation will help us implement vital youth programs, reduce crime, and create a more positive and flourishing environment for all residents of DeKalb County. We are deeply grateful for your support and commitment to making a difference.

Thank you for joining our journey to build a stronger, more unified community. Your contribution is greatly appreciated. 


Volunteer for the Campaign

Join our dedicated team of volunteers and be an integral part of the positive transformation in DeKalb County. Your commitment and passion will contribute to the success of our campaign, as we work together to rebuild, unite, and navigate towards a brighter future for our community. Are you in?

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